Panavision Website Design and Creation

August 2013 – Present

Panavision  – a legendary name in film and television production – asked Molly Duggan Associates to help them create a new website that breathed new vitality into their 60 year-old brand. Based on Molly Duggan Associates track record, the Panavision team had high expectations for a revivified brand identity and dynamic new website – and they needed it done within just a few months to coincide with the unveiling of their newest product innovation – the PrimoV lens series.

From the first planning meetings in August, 2013 to delivery less than 3 months later, Molly Duggan Associates conducted extensive stakeholder interviews and brand analysis, and delivered a completely updated website that simultaneously captures the storied historical achievements of the Panavision company and its enthusiastic embrace of the emerging challenges of film and digital production in the 21st century.

Panavision's Director of Marketing and Communications Judy Doherty described her engagement with Molly Duggan Associates as “...very collaborative and rewarding. The MDA team is thorough in their research and approach to understanding the character and personality of the Panavision brand and the company as a whole. Each stage of the development of the website was very interactive and cooperative, with constant fine-tuning until all elements worked cohesively together.”

The basic challenge – modernize the Panavision brand identity while retaining a sense of the legendary status the company holds in the film and television industry. Panavision's storied history and established technological leadership is coupled with an innovative embrace of the emerging challenges facing filmmakers in the digital age. The outcome? According to Panavision's Judy Doherty, their new website...resonates with meaning and functionality and reflects the character and mission of the company.

Client Summary

Founded in 1954, Panavision is the worlds leading designer and manufacturer of high-precision lenses for the motion picture and television industries, and one of the world's leading providers of camera systems, including both film and digital cameras. Panavision also supplies lighting, grip and crane equipment for use by motion picture and television productions, and offers 24/7 service support around the globe.