Brand Advocacy

How is your brand competing?

Are you aligned with your customers’ values, goals, and aspirations?

How we do it

Your account manager will work with you to evaluate your quarterly marketing goals and find the best way to integrate our team into yours to deliver campaigns on time and at incredibly fair agency rates. With a single flat monthly rate — its simple to work with us. We have an entire team made of marketing, demand, social media specialists, and lead nurturing strategists to meet any marketing automation challenge.

Marketing campaigns that connect emotionally with your customers

We start by reviewing your visitor/customer journeys and mapping out all possible brand touch points for customer retention, audit, outreach, and brand consistency.

Identify and interview stakeholders
Compile brand perception
What are your key messages?
What are your differentiators?
What is your brand promise?
What is the brand personality?
Who will be your brand evangelist?
Review marketing and communications material
Compile brand guidelines
Identify brand influencers and why
Define the most memorable community platform
Define the current brand journey

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