Silver Peak and OnDemand Services helped this tech leader reposition its brand for growth.

Silver Peak and OnDemand Services helped this tech leader reposition its brand for growth.

California-based tech company Silver Peak is an established leader in the networking software market, but it needed to reassess its branding with future goals in mind. Silver Peak wanted to define the essence of its brand and refine its marketing strategy. It hired Molly Duggan Associates to lead the effort.


Silver Peak needed branding that was in sync with its innovative spirit of the company and would convey its dynamic growth. After conducting a brand audit, performing stakeholder interviews and evaluating competitor, content, and information architecture, Molly Duggan then led a brand workshop. The workshop informed a robust brand framework that outlined Core Values, Brand Promise, Key Attributes and Personality.


Silver Peak sought help establishing a consistent look and feel that was instantly recognizable and differentiated it from the competition. Several different agencies were working with the company when the rebranding project began, but none had created the unifying presence it needed.

Molly Duggan Associates delivered a brand that connects with Silver Peak's most valued audiences and grows brand advocacy. The agency provided:

  • Critical visual language assets (a photo library, iconography, typography, color palette)
  • A website redesign
  • Digital marketing campaigns, ebooks and advertisements
  • Print marketing and sales collateral
  • Physical environments
  • A brand playbook to guide brand ambassadors, internal sales and marketing teams, as well as partners and affiliates

Together, these assets offer a consistent and coordinated expression of the Silver Peak brand across all touch points.


Silver Peak had larger digital support needs than its existing staff could handle. The company turned to Molly Duggan Associates, a trusted consultant known to Silver Peak through creative work to audit and refresh the brand, for its OnDemand Drupal Support service.

For over two years, Molly Duggan Associates has been a part of Silver Peak's technical team, helping to integrate key marketing and advertising software, install CRM tools, and optimize the site for search. The Molly Duggan Drupal team installs security patches and updates the website—taking care of both the day-to-day and the long view. Services include:

  • Creating landing pages within Drupal rather than marketing platforms like Marketo
  • Moving from static CSS styles to SASS for easier style management
  • Solving complex problems with API integrations
  • Integrating third-party software with forms directly in Drupal
  • Creating gated and ungated pages managed by Drupal with marketing software closely integrated


Molly Duggan Associates delivered a consistent and coordinated set of hard-working marketing tools, templates and assets that are used every day globally to help Silver Peak communicate with their most valuable audiences in a meaningful and memorable way.

With its refreshed brand, Silver Peak can now rapidly deploy and market new offerings through print collateral and through digital assets integrated with a robust Drupal deployment that can quickly evolve with each growth phase.

In 2018, Molly Duggan Associates began applying the new branding to the front lobby, interior offices and training center at Silver Peak's headquarters, and it continues to provide support through its OnDemand Drupal service.

Silver Peak can depend on us, because we know their brand inside and out. We are a dedicated partner and an integrated part of their team, changing and adapting right alongside them as the company grows and innovates.

—Molly Duggan, CEO, Molly Duggan Associates