Fast Accurate Pandemic-Ready Healthcare Information

During a health crisis, people often feel confused and overwhelmed. Most people Google their health symptoms to identify the cause. However, the information available on the internet is often unreliable and inaccurate. Healthcare leaders are turning to chatbots (conversation orchestration) as their front line for helping get fast and accurate information to their website visitors. 

Conversation Orchestration makes every interaction easier

Automated Conversation Orchestration with the use of bots can have natural conversations with human visitors. 

Your medical center’s automated conversation bot works without fatigue around the clock, delivering consistent and high-quality customer service, gathering valuable data insights, and is more often than not your website visitors’ preferred communication channel. Your call center will be thrilled at the reduction of repeat questions too. With automated conversation bots, you can field multiple conversations simultaneously versus one conversation per live operator. 

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, visiting the doctor or the hospital may not be feasible or the most appropriate option. While the medical system is overwhelmed as the pandemic spans 168 countries, healthcare professionals and visitors need fast solutions now.

Orchestrated conversations are automated contextual conversations scripted to each of your websites' visitors' intent.

An automated conversation bot can assist your website visitors by screening, routing, and identifying symptoms using algorithms backed by medical data.


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The automated bot greets the visitor with a few simple questions such as identifying symptoms, international travel, relevant medical conditions, and much more.

“Do you have a fever?” “Have you traveled internationally?” “Have you been exposed to someone with COVID-19?” "Do you need to schedule an appointment?"

The automated bot uses scripted conversations to ask questions and present options or resources such as content-specific videos or fact-based responses.

At the end of the conversation, the automated bot suggests the next practical steps. While a human needs to monitor conversations, automated conversation bots can make general recommendations that are safe and helpful. In some cases, automated conversation bots are also able to connect visitors with clinicians for diagnosis or treatment and even scheduling appointments.

Each step of the way, 24/7/365, there is an orchestrated and automated bot ready to greet and engage in a contextual way driving visitors to meaningful outcomes that keep business moving along smoothly and address your visitors' concerns in the shortest amount of time. 

We’ve found that most visitors prefer anonymous conversation to live chat until they’re willing to identify themselves. It’s faster and more convenient.

Orchestrated conversations help to address our visitors’ needs delivering important up-to-date information faster. If you need help creating an orchestrated conversation or if you’re looking for best practices, you can schedule a demo or meeting now.