While reflecting on the last several weeks, we at Molly Duggan have found ourselves in a place of quiet, sincere gratitude. The coronavirus has shaken every industry, every country, and nearly every person worldwide — leaving us with many questions and few answers.

As social distancing became an uncomfortably familiar activity, restaurants, bars, and pubs began closing their dining rooms and started placing "Open For Delivery" signs in their windows. Workers began facing a harsh reality as they were sent home uncertain about how they will buy groceries, pay rent, or if they would be covered by health insurance.

Our deepest gratitude goes to all of you who are braving the frontline from healthcare teams and first responders to food workers and delivery drivers.

Weeks ago, and in support of all of us, hospitals began bracing for the enormous challenges of COVID-19. As they steeled themselves, they found that we were woefully unprepared, yet they continue to show up and care for each patient while putting themselves at tremendous risk. From the doctors and nurses to respiratory therapists and x-ray technicians to the first responders and sanitation/hygiene staff — each person on the frontline is putting their lives at risk to save ours. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel, so we will simply say, "Thank you. Be safe. We are in this together."