Turn Big Data into smart data

We’re in a time of transition.

Our computers and mobile devices are constantly collecting information about user needs, interests, behaviors, and thought patterns. They see where we look and track our responses. The information revealed by these technologies provides vast amounts of user information and the capacity to achieve extreme focus in our data-driven communications.

At Molly Duggan Associates, we work with you to utilize this information to craft digital content and rich media that speaks directly to your core audiences. This new data technology will help guide you through the rapid updating of your content when new data indicates a change in direction is advisable.

The trends that have had the greatest impact on how you communicate with users include mobile, cloud, and data analysis because these technologies facilitate the development of new business models that better serve your core audiences.

In the past, we used print and other forms of communication that did not allow real two-way communication with our most important audiences. Now, up-to-the-minute feedback on what users want provides a deep understanding of their preferences.

Business data is not unlike the highly specific, personalized health data available through DNA analysis. However, as with DNA data, benefits from such information cannot emerge without strategy, implementation, positive action, and behavioral change. As in health care, big data in business must be collected, analyzed, and properly applied to make a difference.

Now is the time to develop a Big Data Action Plan to collect your data—a plan that allows you to understand your data and utilize it in ways that enhance your company’s health and longevity.

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